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Greetings from the Peppermint Lounge
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     Sailing Activities- Winter Sailing 2013/2014

2014 Chair
Elisabeth Mooney

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Winter Sailing- November 3, 2013
Sunday was the first day of the winter sailing; why wouldn't it be one of the coldest days of the fall? After Friday and Saturday, where many of us were sporting shorts and t-shirts, Sunday was a wake-up call that winter really is just around the corner. With temperatures in the 40's and winds blowing out of the north, it was a perfect day to get out on the water and start what I have come to regard as the "real sailing season." We have over 20 people registered 16 of whom managed to get out on the water. A few were rusty and spent a couple races getting the kinks out; others had come off a summer of sailing and were out to demonstrate their improved skills. We also want to welcome newcomers who hung in throughout the day and hope that you will stay with it. I can guarantee you will get better and have more fun than you would if you spent the day on the couch watching football. Besides, you can tape the game and watch it after!

We managed to get in seven races and pulled out all the party tricks. We ran a triangle, windward-leewards, a Lindsay Hewitt and a Harry Andersone. For some newcomers, the latter were a bit confusing, but having done them, you are now seasoned veterans. The fleet was tight and there were only a few capsizes, none of which thwarted the enthusiasm of those who went over.

After sailing, we adjourned to the Junior Clubhouse where Doug had left us some delicious chili and pumpkin soup. Reina also welcomed us with outstanding bar service and we sat around for a while re-hashing some of the memorable moments and discussion of various breaches of sailing etiquette, shall we say.

I want to thank Tracy Kornrich for serving the first day and remind all of you to bring your calendars next week. I will have one with me to organize RC duty. Hopefully by this time next week, I will be able to post it on-line with any pertinent information about upcoming events.

Finally, remember that this coming Sunday, Eric Johnson will be holding a rules seminar in the Junior Clubhouse beginning at 9 a.m. You would be wise to bring your rules book and some materials to take notes.

Also, put on your calendars: November 15th SCYC will be hosting Thurston Smith who will show his documentary, Frostbiters. The project was inspired by our winter sailing series and expanded to covering the madness that goes on around the northeast throughout the winter. The footage is worth seeing and some of the commentary features some of our members. A great start to the season.

Winter Sailing- November 10, 2013

First, thank you for your patience as we get our communications systems up and running. From what I can gather, many (or all) of you did not get last weeks mailing. This week, I am going to send out the results (attached hopefully) directly from my gmail account as well as through SCYC. SO, with any luck, you will get this information twice.

So, for those of you who sailed last week, you can attest to the fact that it was a wild and woolly ride for many of us. With winds blowing out of the west and swinging north, we were in the lee of Centre Island and experienced vacillations of breeze between 10 - 25 knots with shifts that left many of us T-bagged. Dodging in and out of the yachts still in the water added to the trickiness factor. On more than one occasion, multiple lasers could be seen upside-down. This was one of the weeks where I have described frostbiting as a winter biathlon comprised of sailing and swimming.

The truth is that once we got around the windward mark the reach legs were fine; by the time we went around the jibe mark the wind was consistent as we sailed into clearer air. The lesson gained is that we need to figure out a way to sail in the clear air, not into the "protection" of the land.

Kudos to Frank Seckler and Jack DeNatale for working hard to get off two races. Sadly, at the end of the second race, the threat of front coming through and the breeze kicking up forced the decision to retire for the day.Hopefully, next week we will have smoother sailing.

This weeks events:
Friday, November 15th - Thurston Smith's documentary, Frostbiters, will be shown at the Main Clubhouse at 7 p.m. followed by dinner, which is optional.

Sunday, November 17th - Lindsay Hewitt has kindly offered to share words of wisdom on starts and strategies beginning at 10:30 in the Junior Clubhouse. As you can see from this past Sunday's results, we would all benefit from learning anything we can from Lindsay.

RC Duty for November 17th - Bob Terry. (I will be hunting others of you down to complete the schedule for the fall.) Sunday, November 24th - SCYC Turkey Bowl. NOR pending but first gun at 1300.

Winter Sailing- November 17, 2013
I have to begin with an apology for missing Sunday. I was at an event which ran far longer than I had anticipated. As I sat through it, I was receiving updates from Eric Johnson who reported that initially there was little to no wind. I felt a bit better about not being there, but was heartened to hear that finally enough breeze came in to get off a few races.

Kudos to those who stood by and waited; likewise to the RC of Bob Terry and Ed Berenblum for getting off as many races as you did. I am only sorry that I did not make it down to give a closer report on some of the details.

Upcoming Events:
This Sunday, November 24th, we are holding the Turkey Bowl. In the past, the event has been held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving but recent attendance has been very low, so I want to try something different by moving it to the weekend preceding. We will be competing for the Glenn Trophy, but keep in mind, first place will also win a prime turkey which might be enjoyed at Thanksgiving. Think of it this way: isn't it more fun to sail for the bird than go out and have to shoot one?

A skipper's meeting will be held at 1230 and first gun at 1300. Any questions? Shoot me an email.

For those of you who made it to the club to watch Frostbiters I hope you enjoyed the evening as much as I did. For those who missed it, there might be a second chance as Thurston Smith indicated that he would be happy to make a return appearance. Perhaps for the mid-winter dinner? Also, please note that Lindsay Hewitt can not make it on Sunday and his starts and strategies chalk talk has to be postponed. I will be late Sunday but will be registering those of you I missed last week. Also, make sure your boat has a new control number sticker on it. Without it, you risk losing your boat to the SCYC inventory. Then again, you might have the chance to charter your boat back! I also plan to have a sign up sheet for RC duty.

Winter Sailing- November 24, 2014

Well last Sunday was a blow-out, to say the least!
With winds howling out of the north and temperatures hovering just above freezing it was safe to say that sailing was not a player. I did go to the club at 11:30, and as I drove over the causeway approaching Centre Island was amused by the winds coming off the sound that buffeted my car. The rollers were spectacular and I took a couple of snapshots with my phone to include in the archives.

The bad news was that we were unable to hold the Turkey Bowl, the second time it has been cancelled due to heavy winds.
The good news is that it will be sailed this weekend instead. I gave away the turkey. (Who wants a week old bird two days after Thanksgiving?) However, there will be other prizes distributed instead. So, spread the word to all your friends who love to sail and need to work off some of the feasting of Thursday. See attached flyer and feel free to forward it.

I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving; hope to see you on the water Sunday.

Winter Sailing- December 1, 2014

So now we know who the die-hards are: there were 19 lasers launched in what was virtually no air. Determined to sail, we drifted in the vicinity of the docks for about 1/2 hour cracking jokes and hoping for something, anything to fill in. There were some clouds to the west and some to the east that looked promising. So much so that Eric Johnson and David Trinder, our RC, were fooled by an easterly zephyr and hopped in the whalers out to the Peppermint Lounge with the intent to get in at least one race. Their efforts were foiled as the breeze receded shortly after the leeward mark was dropped. Most of us made it out to the Peppermint Lounge to check in but then realized that the only thing keeping us moving was an outgoing tide. Not good. After another 1/2 hour or so, RC blew three horns to signal all racing cancelled for the day.

Another year, another Turkey Bowl down the drain. Maybe we should consider moving the event to March.

Winter Sailing- December 8, 2014

Finally! After dismal weather and wind forecasts, we were lucky enough to get out on the water. With Holly Sears and Bill Archer serving as RC, we managed to get 25 boats out sailing in freezing temperatures and a light easterly breeze that had an unhappy tendency to shift north on occasion. The incoming tide made getting across the line a bit of a challenge and a port layline was often the favored side of the course, which made some of the windward mark roundings entertaining on more than one occasion. Before the breeze and temperatures dropped too much we managed to get in 5 races; some people were sad that they would not be able to get in enough races for a throw-out, but the fact that we had so many people out was exciting. Spread the word; SCYC winter sailing is the place to be on Sundays. Get your friends off their couches; that's why they invented tape-delay!

As I note some of the ugly mark roundings, I think it is a good time to draw everyone's attention to the fact that winter sailing is governed by the The Racing Rules of Sailing for 2013-2016. Although we are not looking to endorse sea lawyers, it is critical that we abide by the rules. Eric Johnson has been kind enough to give a seminar on that topic and could probably be prevailed upon to do at least one more. If you do not already have a copy, you would be well-served to make sure you secure one and browse through it. The only major change that we make in winter sailing is that fouls that can be exonerated with a 720 in the Rules is amended to a 360 for our winter sailing program. That being said, you must clear the course and do your turn ASAP. Again, if you have questions, ask!

One other housekeeping detail that arose after sailing is the need to be courteous on the finish line. Too often when we finish, we park it and luff our sails, After a few minutes we start sailing around and forget that about those who might be sailing. It is frustrating to have to dodge people who are simply cruising around when finishing, so please clear the course when you cross the line and stay clear until you know everyone has had the opportunity to finish.

Finally, the fall series ends January 12th. I am working with the club to put together a mid-winter dinner on either the 24th or 25th of January. My sense is that the 17th or 18th might not work for alot of people because it is Martin Luther King weekend. However, the date is not yet set in stone, so if you have strong feelings one way or the other, please let me know.

Thanks to those who have signed up for RC; I am still working on figuring out an attachable Google calendar. In the meantime, see the list below:

December 15th - Kia Olsson & Bob Blanco
December 22nd - Fred Abels & Bob Rappold
December 29th - Ed Kudder & John McGrane
January 5th - Avi Lessman & Doug Reynolds
January 12th - open

If you need a sub, reach out to those on this list!

Winter Sailing- December 15, 2014
Judging from the results, we had some very interesting racing last weekend. Fred is back and kudos to Gerard for a phenomenal day. I did miss being out there with you as the weather looked glorious. However, I believe this weekend will provide us with another stellar opportunity. The prediction is for record high temperatures and a great breeze out of the south, south west. That will be just a bit of alright. I have heard rumors of rain, but that should not stop us since we are doing a water sport, right. Think of it this way, it beats standing in line at the mall!

This week we have the pleasure of having Fred Abels and Bob Rappold serving as RC. If we do not see you, have a great Christmas week and hopefully we will see you out on the 29th.

Cheers, wyz

RC Duties:

December 22nd - Fred Abels & Bob Rappold
December 29th - Ed Kudder & John McGrane
January 5th - Avi Lessman & Doug Reynolds
January 12th - open

If you need a sub, reach out to those on this list!

Winter Sailing- December 22- December 29, 2013

After an amazing Sunday with 21 boats on the line and some great racing, albeit slightly chilly weather, this past weekend proved to be a true test of our mettle. With a seemingly benign breeze blowing gently out of the east and some l ight showers, it did not seem too crazy to head out to do some sailing. Besides, what better way to clear our heads and work off some of the holiday feasting than do some hiking and roll-tacking. The forecast was for increased wind and rain, but we decided to ignore that and twelve of us headed out for a soggy afternoon of yes, increased wind. Take a look who garnered the bulletts and you will get an idea of what sort of a day it was. Yours truly decidedd to sail with a radial; the only one out there. Big mistake the first two races; wise decision for me by race 3. You might also note that the dauntless RC of John McGrane, Bennett Kudder and one other unrecognized hero, worked hard to withstand the tough conditions and gave us 6 great races. After that, it was decided to head in. Personally, I was deeply grateful; it was clear that none of us started the day with much sense and there was little hope that any of us would be willing to head in early. My only question is reminiscent of the one I heard regarding ice-fishing when I lived in New Hampshire: what does this say about our homelife?

Anyway, kudos to those diehards who came out and raced. As for those who have reported activities from sunny climes, I will try to be nice. Although it is pouring snow outside, we wish you the very best as you enjoy aboe 80 degree weather and warm sailing conditions. Trinder has described diving activities and Jerry Eastman forwarded the message and attachment below regarding Gerard's and Matt Lyons' successes down at the Orange Bowl.

This week we have Doug Reynolds and Avi Lessman serving RC. After that, there is still one weekend to serve in order to qualify for the fall series. Anyone interested? Shoot me an email.

According to the extended forecast, Sunday looks promising for a lovely day of sailing. I hope to see you out there.

Winter Sailing- January 5, 2014

It was cold and cloudy but at 12:30 the rain stopped and a 5 - 7 knt breeze came through so 7 of us headed out for 6 close races. I was sorry to miss it especially as my time was spent driving up 95. I can only say that I was glad it was warm enough not to be icy and I managed to get home in one peice.

Kudos to the intrepid souls who did manage to get out. I have heard rumors that the temperatures will be climbing this week and that by the weekend we should have temperatures in the high 40's; with any luck we will also have some breeze.

This weekend marks the last of the fall series and I note two things: there is no one signed up for RC duty this week and there are several of you who will not qualify if you do not serve on RC. So, if you would like to rectify this combined problem, shoot me an email. Otherwise, yours truly will stand in.
The season scoring seems a little messed up. Anyway, if you have questions, let David Trinder know and he will talk to you.

Stay warm and pray for good weather Sunday.


Wyz Mooney
Winter Sailing Chair

P.S. I do see that the year puts us 100 years into the future but do not want to take the time to resave and then send, so.... 
Winter Sailing- January 12, 2014 

Winter Sailing- January 26, 2014 

Despite all efforts made to verify that the water was clear of ice, and prediction that the temperatures would soar to almost 30 degrees, Sunday still witnessed a gathering of frustrated sailors. As we gathered before noon, it was clear that the ice was back, the Peppermint Lounge was still adrift and to add insult to injury there was barely a breath of air. What do "they" expect; that we might convert to skiing? ha!

As frustrating as it was, some of the administrative tasks, such as RC, were addressed. Below is a schedule for the next few weeks. I am also attaching the results from January 26th (the last time we sailed!!) as well as the final standings of the fall series, which some folks say they never saw.

As I write this, the good news from Eric Johnson is that the Peppermint Lounge is back in its usual spot; the bad news is that yet another winter storm is headed our way. With any luck at all, Sunday will bring fair skies and fairer winds. I will be away, but if you do come down to rig, don't forget a shovel.

RC Duties

February 16 - David Kruse, John McGrane
February 23 - Joe Plisic, Kia Olsson
March 2 - Eoin Delop, Fred Abels
March 9 - Bob Blanco, David Trinder
March 16 - Bill Archer, Tracy Kornrich
March 23 - Bill Linden, Gerry Eastman???
March 30 - Holly Sears

We still need another volunteer to work with Holly on the 30th as well as two folks for the last day of sailing, which is April 6th.

Finally, in addition to the last day of winter sailing, I want you all to note on your calendars that the awards dinner is Friday, April 11th. This provides all of you with advance notice; don't be a weenie, just commit to being there. I will make sure the dinner is amazing. It will also be a fun event to attend the night before the District 8 Spring Fling which is April 12th. Again, do not be a weenie; last year was amazing; this year will be even better!!

I will miss you (assuming I manage to get on a plane on Thursday - again, ha!) If I don't, I will see you Sunday, shovel in hand. In the meantime, get out, enjoy the snow.
Winter Sailing- March 16, 2014 
Winter Sailing- March 23, 2014
Winter Sailing- March 30, 2014
Despite the wet weather, 18 sailors made it to the club for some excellent sailing. The afternoon started with a light wind, but it increased steadily and a few sailors had their hands full keeping the masts pointing in the right direction as the afternoon went on. Gerard Eastman took the day with 3 bullets, but it was close racing for most of the afternoon with the other four races each having different winners.
Next Sunday is the last day of winter sailing. Ryo and Doug will be RC.

The awards dinner is on Friday April 11th. Please all try to join us - it is an excellent event with superb food, and plenty of laughs.
April 12th is the first day of "summer" sailing. Seawanhaka will hold the Laser Spring-Fling. Please all try to join us. Your boats are at the club anyway, so see it as a perfect start to summer sailing (summer is close right?). It was an excellent day of sailing last year with over 20 boats.
See you all next week.
David Trinder  
Winter Sailing- Final Standings
It was a great day of sailing to cap a sometimes frustrating but always fun winter sailing series. We had a tremendous turnout all season, and Sunday was no exception.
PLEASE join us on Friday for the videos, prize giving and wonderful food. Please book ahead so that they know the numbers and can book the right number of tables. It is always a fun event, and the overall winner promises not to speak for more than 40 minutes....
Thank you to Wyz for doing all the organizing the season, including giving up a sail to help with RC on the last day!!
The scores attached have a number of pages. You will see Sunday's racing results, final spring, final fall and overall results. Congratulations to the winners - join us at the dinner to celebrate!

Remember too that Saturday is the opening sail of our summer series and will be held at Seawanhaka. We have 12 races through the summer that will count towards an overall trophy. Emails will follow with the details. Join us on Saturday (12:30 skippers meeting) for the first race - it should be a good turnout and your boat is already at the club! You can also go to to get times etc.
See you all on Friday and Saturday!

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