2020 Boatyard Mooring Agreement/ Dive & Wash Agreement
Click here for 2020 Boatyard Mooring Agreement

The 2020 sailing season is rapidly approaching, and the Boatyard has been hard at work preparing for spring. In order to properly set the mooring field this season, we will need your assistance by completing your mooring rental agreement as soon as possible. Please note that a Mooring Agreement must be filled out in order to secure a mooring. 

We will consider all placement requests, but please keep in mind that we maintain a minimum of 130 reserved moorings each year and must make our decisions based upon all of our vessels’ needs. 

Regular and Seasonal Members may take advantage of reserved moorings. Everyone must have a Village of Centre Island Permit before a mooring can be placed. For your convenience, click here to view the 2020 Centre Island Mooring Permit. The completed permit form, along with a check, must be submitted directly to Centre Island Village Hall. The Village Hall will forward your permit to the Boatyard once your application has been processed. If you have any questions regarding the permit, please call Village Hall at (516) 922-0606 between 9:30am and 12:30pm.

Click here to view the 2020 Boatyard Mooring Agreement. Electronic versions of the agreement will be accepted, if you require a paper copy, please contact the Boatyard Office.

We cannot place your vessel on your mooring until we have a signed SCYC Contract and your Centre Island Mooring Permit in the Boatyard Office. Please return the 2020 agreement no later than March 31, 2020. If there is a need for any additional work not listed in the contract please call the Boatyard Office at (516) 922-6305