Gift Shop & Online Merchandise Store

The Club giftshop has a wide range of attractive Seawanhaka items for sale. The giftshop has been remodeled with a new glass display case at the front desk. There are always new items being added to our giftshop. If you do not see something that you would like, there are order forms at the front desk and you can request to have a special order placed. Please see the front desk for prices and details. (please check with the front desk for availability).

SCYC’s Online Merchandise Store
SCYC has our own online store available to all members. The online store features personalized items for Men, Women, Juniors as well as Accessories. The online store is managed directly through TEAM1NEWPORT, so feel free to gear up for the season! 
Click here to place your online order

***Please Note: Merchandise purchased via TEAM1NEWPORT will be shipped directly to your home and will not be applied towards your SCYC Clubhouse Minimum. Only merchandise purchased directly via SCYC's Gift Shop located at the Front Desk will be applied to Clubhouse Minimums***