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Thursday, May 25, 2017 


The Team Race Committee would like to invite you to Save the Date for some new & old events scheduled for the first part of 2017!

Winter Team Race Practice Days
January 7 and 21
February 4 and 18
March 4 and 18
April 1 and 15
(set up remaining 6 boats-April 8,9,22,23)
May 13 and 27
June 3 and 17
July 1 and 29
August 5 and 12
September 9 and 16
October 28
November 4 and 18
December 2 and 16

Team Race Saturdays are open to all SCYC members, their spouses, and children. All members are encouraged to participate. All sailors are invited to join us in the Main Bar for chili after sailing at approximately 3:00 pm.

Non-members are welcome at the invitation of a member, but, in order to ensure practice is not oversubscribed, only after approval of the Team Race Committee Chairs - Al Constants and Peter Troxler. This approval will be required for each of the Team Race practice sessions.

Be sure to wear appropriate sailing attire, bring a life vest and plenty of water.

All members are urged to sign up by noon Friday by emailing or by directly contacting TR Secretary Priscilla Constants at

2017 Team Race Calendar
March 4th
Mardi Gras Night
An event open to the entire membership & friends to celebrate Mardi Gras and raise money for the Team Racing Program and Club Sonars.

March 25-26th
Texas Shoot Out Regatta
(away) Hosted by Texas Corinthian Yacht Club

April 7-9th
Baldwin Cup
(away) Hosted by Newport Harbor Yacht Club

May 6-7th
The Kathleen Trophy
Seawanhaka vs. Southern Yacht Club

May 20-21st
Oyster Bay Challenge
Annual Masters' Inter-Club Team Race Regatta. Masters' Team Racing with a new twist, one sailor per boat can be under age 40.

June 24-25th
Commodore Swan Grandmasters
First Annual Inter-Club Grandmasters' Team Race Regatta. Named after Seawanhaka's first Commodore.

July 15-16th 
Corinthian Young Guns
First Annual Inter-Club Team Race Regatta for racers 18-39 years old.

August 4-6th 
Morgan Cup
(away) Hosted by New York Yacht Club

August 18-20th
Hinman Masters
(away) Hosted by New York Yacht Club

August 25-27th
(away) Hosted by New York Yacht Club

September 22-24th
Island International Challenge Cup
September 23-24th
Kirby Cup
(away) Hosted by Noroton Yacht Club

October 7-9th
Lee Trophy

October 11-14th
British-American Cup

October 20-22nd
Hinman Championship

November 3-5th
Halloween Regatta
(away) Hosted by Eastern Yacht Club

Team racing is the most fun and fastest growing form of the sport with more action per minute than any other sailboat racing you will experience. Whether you are a one design fleet racer or a big boat racer, we promise that you will enjoy team racing. Team racing is also a great way to improve your skills. It will improve your starting, tactics, boat handling, and your understanding of the rules. We have events for everyone including novices, juniors, masters, and experts. There are opportunities for members of any experience level to crew and skipper. There is an emphasis on getting those new or inexperienced in team racing to join us. We are inviting everyone from juniors looking to take their sailing to the next level to experienced offshore sailors looking for something new and fun. Consider the winter team racing and the Saturday club series. Both these events are focused on learning all phases of team racing. All members are strongly encouraged to join us, a space will be made available for all that attend. 

If you are interested in team racing please email us at An invitation will be returned to you to join the web site with schedule, roster, and write-ups. There is even a free iPhone app. Phone calls are also welcome whether you have questions or would just like to chat about team racing. Hope to see you out there!

Seawanhaka & Team Racing 
Seawanhaka has long been involved in Team Racing. Seawanhaka may in fact be the first club in the United States to initiate Team Racing - on an International level with the creation of the British - American Cup. 

Seawanhaka has continued that tradition with the Commodores International Cup ("CIC") against the Royal Northern & Clyde Yacht Club and the Islands International Challenge Cup (I²C²) against the Daring Class. These International Team Race competitions have been well established over the decades. 

The Team comes first 
Team racing is the only form of racing in which you can win a race without crossing the finish line first. The outcome of a race between two teams - variations include two boats against two boats, three-on-three, and four-on-four - is determined by their combined scores. For the most part, we will race three-on-three and four-on-four. The racing is best when two teams are evenly matched and the sailors understand that a selfless move (often sacrificing position) can benefit their team. Individual honor is sacrificed for the Team benefit. 

Sailors of all specialties are valued in team racing. You can contribute your area of expertise - foredeck, trimming, helming, strategy, rules, short-course know-how, or physical strength - to a team's winning effort. Get involved, have some fun! 

Team Racing Skill Levels 
Advanced: Extensive team racing and/or match racing experience. Proficient at racing the types of boats being sailed. Has competed at a National/International level. 

Intermediate: Some team-racing knowledge and experience. Competes (as skipper or crew in the top half of keelboat fleets such as Sonar. Has experience competing outside Seawanhaka. The majority of team racers at Seawanhaka. 

Beginner: No team-racing experience and some experience at the helm of keelboats such as a Sonar. 

The Boat - Sonar 
Seawanhaka is fortunate enough to own a fleet of Sonars purchased and maintained for the purpose of advancing Team Racing and Match Racing at Seawanhaka. The money for these Sonars has been donated over the past few years by the Seawanhaka membership to purchase these. The Sonar boat is a familiar boat to Seawanhaka sailors. In addition to the Sonar fleet, ladies sailing utilizes the Sonar, which is similar to the Shields or J-24. The Sonar is not overly physical and is easy to learn for everyone. 

Open to all SCYC members, spouses, or children. Those who attend will be broken up into 2 evenly matched Teams; multiple starts and races will be run by the Race Committee during the normal schedule; an "instructor" will be present in a whaler to direct the racing, offering on-the-water critiques and off-the-water debriefing.

Click here to view the Team Racing Website with additional information

2017 Team Racing Committee

Past-Commodore Alfred C. Constants III, Co-Chair
Peter Troxler, Co-Chair
Priscilla T. Constants
George Ellis
Joel Hanneman
E. Eric Johnson
Thomas Kinney
Robyn Philip-Norton

For any questions or if you are interested in joining Team Racing, please email

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