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     Boatyard- Member Info & Rates

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Our full-service Boatyard is open year-round, 8:00 am-4:30 pm, Monday-Friday. Comprehensive yacht repair and maintenance is available for members and select non-member customers.

The Ship's Store is our parts department and is a fully stocked chandlery. Parts are sold to customers at competitive prices and we are happy to order any parts or equipment not in stock. The Ship's Store is open year-round during the regular business hours of the Boatyard. After Commissioning Day, the Ship's Store is also available on Saturday's, 9:00 am-2:00 pm by calling our on-call mechanic who can be reached through Channel 10 on the VHF radio.

Boatyard Office
316 Yacht Club Road
Oyster Bay, Centre Island, NY 11771
Phone: (516) 922-6305
Fax: (516) 624-8629
Email: or

Boatyard Manager- Captain Robert E.J. Satory 
(516) 922-6305/ (516) 922-6200 ext.121

Assistant Boatyard Manager- Arthur Bohner
(516) 922-6305/ (516) 922-6200 ext.122

Boatyard Office Manager- Anna Restrepo
(516) 922-6305/ (516) 922-6200 ext.120

Administrative Assistant-Sarah Satory
(516) 922-6305/ (516) 922-6200 ext.123

Ship's Store/Boatyard Customer Service-Chris Farrell/Mathew Hernandez
(516) 922-6305/ (516) 922-6200 ext.125

Boatyard Main Office

Ship's Store

Launch Service

Boatyard Rates (contact the Boatyard for rates)

Labor Rates
Unskilled Labor
Skilled/Journeyman Labor
Unscheduled/Weekend Labor
Varnish Maintenance Program
Electronics Specialist

All subcontractors must be approved by the Boatyard management to work on vessels in the Boatyard or in the mooring field.

Subcontractors must provide an acceptable Certificate of Insurance to the Boatyard before work commencement. Any contractor working on the premises without approval or insurance will be asked to cease all activity until approval is secured.

A 20% surcharge covering overhead costs will be added onto the subcontractor's bill and billed to the customer.

Short Hauls 
Vessels less than 20 tons- (Pressure Wash Included)

Price includes hauling of vessels and pressure wash, blocking and use of Boatyard's jack stands, and launch. Charges based upon vessel's overall length. Pricing for the winter season will be available in July.

Owners interested in static storage should contact the Boatyard for pricing and policy.
Seasonal Yacht Storage (contact the Boatyard for rates)

Summer Season: May 1-October 31
Winter Season: November 1-April 30

One-Design/Smaller Boats on Trailers
Power Boats/Larger Sailboats

Miscellaneous Storage Rates
Dinghy Storage
Inside Dinghy Shed, Reserved Slip
On Boat Field

Box Trailer Storage

Boat Trailer Storage (empty)

Outboard Engine Storage

Mast Storage

Battery Storage (store & charge)

Custom Frame & Cover

Sail Locker Rental (Not Clubhouse)
Boatyard Staff
Head Rigger/Electronics: William Bingham
Paint Foreman/Carpentry/Structural Repair/Fiberglass: Glenn Van Cott
HSL Crew Chief: Ronald Chavez
Technician: Eric Gerard
Technician: Gino Caba
Technician: John Reilly
General Yard Labor: Gregory Notine
General Yard Labor: Hector Gonzalez
General Yard Labor: Oscar Parada
General Yard Labor: Alejandro Maldenado
Water Treatment: Daniel DeCarlis
Dockmaster: Will Peters
Dockhand: Bret Boisits
Launch Operator: John Johnson
Launch Operator: Mike Vassallo
Launch Operator: Dylan Bush

Boatyard Services 

We offer a full range of mechanical programs, including a monthly engine maintenance program. Please contact the Boatyard for additional information.
-Diesel/Gasoline Engine
-Inboard & Outboard Service
-Inboard Engines
-Outboard Engines

Electronics Department
The Boatyard offers complete service for marine electronics including enhanced "Smart" charging systems and gel batteries. There is guaranteed customer satisfaction if the unit is purchased from and installed by the Boatyard. Installation and service of all brands are available.

Marine Plumbing
The Boatyard has the facilities to clean, repair and service fuel and water tanks, water systems, water heaters, marine stoves, marine heads, waste systems and holding tanks.

Diving Services
Scheduled and unscheduled emergency dives are available including bottom cleaning, zinc installation and inspections.

Laminates & Painting Department
Full painting service is offered from touch-ups to total refurbishment-sprayed or brushed on. Due to environmental regulations, members are not allowed to apply bottom paint to their boats.
Waterfront Information 

Varnish/ Bright Work/ Woodworking Department
The Boatyard offers a progressive varnishing department with inspection and maintenance programs with ongoing attention to bright work. This program is available only to full service customers.

Rigging Department
The Boatyard provides a complete array of rigging services. A rigging expert is on hand year-round to answer your questions and provide technical advice.

Knowledge Base
The Boatyard has a number of experts available to answer your questions on maintenance, boat manufacturers, and references on engines and recommendations on electronics. Please contact us with questions and we will be happy to answer them where we can and find the right source to ask if we cannot. 

Ship's Store
The Ship's Store can get you the parts, materials, cleaners, waxes and supplies that you want, at or below the cost of the retail stores in the area. We can have them available for pick up at the Ship's Store, or delivered to your cockpit. Please contact the Ship's Store with your order and we should have it within two or three days.

Launch Service
Launch Service is available two weekends prior to Commissioning 8:00 am-5:00 pm (April 11/12, 18/19).

Throughout the 2015 season, April 25-October 24, Launch Service is available 1:00 pm-9:00 pm, Monday-Tuesday, 8:00 am-10:00 pm, Wednesday-Thursday, 8:00 am-12:00 am, Friday-Saturday, and 8:00 am-10:00 pm on Sunday.

After October 24, launch service will operate for two consecutive weekends, 9:00 am-5:00 pm ( October 31/November 1 and November 7/November 8). Boat owners may call the launch on VHF Channel 10 (please use low transmitting modes) or by horn with three (3) short blasts.

During periods when there is no regular launch service (Monday-Friday); tenders/ skiffs will be available for use by the SCYC membership as transportation to their yachts. Members are encouraged to return tenders/skiffs as soon as practical to the dock, for use by the next member. Members are responsible for any damage to the tenders and skiffs.

Mooring and Harbor Services (contact the Boatyard for rates)
The Club provides a limited number of moorings to members only. In addition, a Centre Island mooring permit is required, which must be obtained separately by members. The rates are as follows:

Harbor Services (Launch Service to and from Moorings)
All Vessels

Season Mooring Rental (Rental & Maintenance of mooring and ball-includes replacement bridles or pennants):
Rate per pound
One-Design Rates
Dry-Sail- store in field/use of crane
Mooring/Harbor Service/Store in Field/ Use Crane

If an assigned mooring is vacant, it will be rented to visitors. An owner may lend a mooring free of charge for up to three nights, after which mooring rental fees will be applied.

Any member's boat that is in the mooring area for more than 14 days is subject to an appropriate mooring and harbor service charge.

Short-Term Mooring Rental Rates (per night)
Members:  45 ft or less          Greater than 45 ft
Visitors:    45 ft of less           Greater than 45 ft

Launch Towing
Vessels      Up to 40 ft                      
Vessels      Between 40-70 ft            

Dock Facilities
Two docks are available for your use and enjoyment. Fuel, ice, water and oil are available at the service dock. The west side of the inner service dock is for fueling only. Please be considerate of others when using the docks and make the launch drivers aware of any problems. Boats may be left unattended on the main dock while members are having lunch or dinner. Please leave the end open so that the launch can land to pick up or discharge passengers.

All children under age 12 must wear life jackets at all times on the docks and floats. All children under age 18, who do not swim, must wear life jackets on the docks and floats. There will be no running or roughhousing on the docks.

Boats left unattended at the dock, on a crane or on a trailer will be removed at the owner's expense. Under no circumstance should a vessel be left on the dock overnight.

Club Boats Available to Members
The Club maintains 2 Vanguard 15's, 1 Sonar and a dozen Kayaks for use by members. Usage is on a first-come basis. Boast must be check out from the service dock personnel. You must provide your own PFD.

                        **All prices and rates listed are subject to change**

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