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Monday, November 30, 2015 

 Junior Sailing: Programs
2015 Junior Sailing Program

Beginner Opti (Age 8-12)

 The Beginner Opti program is designed for younger sailors with little or no sailing experience. Sailors will learn basic seamanship, develop self-confidence, foster respect for the marine environment, and practice teamwork skills. The priority of the Beginner Optimist program is to promote sailing skill development in a safe and fun environment.
Intermediate Opti (Age 8-15)
The Intermediate Opti class will build on the foundation of sailing skills, while introducing more advanced boat handling techniques, tuning, and basic racing skills. Intermediate sailors who wish to gain racing experience will have the opportunity to attend regattas. 
Advanced Opti (Age 8-15) 
Advanced Opti sailors may participate in this intensive program for those who wish to expand their racing skills and gain a competitive advantage. The Advanced Optimist program will allow participants to race in both JSA and regional USODA regattas. 

Seamanship Program (Age 8-11)
This program will encompass recreational sailing in addition to other water and camp activities. Activities will include tennis, paddle boarding, kayaking, and swimming.
Team Racing Program (Age 14-18)
The Team Racing Program is for sailors interested in learning to team race in double-handed dinghies and small keelboats. In addition to each sailor’s normal class, there will be practices leading up to the McIntyre Team Racing Clinic and Regatta.
Club 420 Sailing (Age 14-18)
Participants in the Club 420 Sailing class will develop the ability to sail a double-handed dinghy and build on skills learned in the Pixel class. C420s must be sailed with two people who reach a combined minimum weight of 220 lbs. Participants in the C420 class will learn advanced boat handling, performance tuning, and advanced racing skills. Club-maintained C420s are available.

Pixel Sailing (age 10-15)
The Pixel Sailing class provides sailors with an introduction to double-handed sailing. Pixel Sailing is appropriate for older beginner sailors as well as intermediate and advanced racers who have outgrown the Optimist. The Pixel is sailed by a crew of two or three; crews of two must make a combined weight of 200 lbs. Private ownership is encouraged for those who want to gain a competitive advantage.
Laser Sailing (age 14-18)

 Lasers are the essential single-handed dinghy, as they provide a one-design, technical learning platform in an easy-to-maneuver boat. Participants in the Laser Sailing program will learn advanced boat handling, performance tuning, and advanced racing skills. The Laser Radial is an appropriate choice for smaller sailors, with a minimum weight of 110 lbs.; the Laser Standard has a minimum weight of 130 lbs. Club-maintained Lasers are available.

Keelboat Racing Program (age 14-18)
The Keelboat Racing Program is for sailors interested in racing larger keelboats and working with larger teams. In addition to each sailor’s normal class, there will be practices leading up to the Dorade Regatta and Junior Overnight Regatta. Also required for the Keelboat Racing Program is participation in a navigation class to prepare for JSA Navigation Test.
Safe Powerboat Handling Course (age 11-18)
Participants will learn about navigation rules and aids, emergency procedures, and safety equipment in the classroom in addition to gaining practical on-the-water experience operating powerboats. Students who pass this course will receive a NASBLA approved Boating Certificate/NY Boating Safety Certificate.  

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