East Porch or Dining Room
*Club Casual for Lunch service. Jackets & ties are required for Dinner service on Saturday evenings. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings ties are not required.

Model Room/West Porch/Linburn Terrace
*Club Casual for Lunch and Dinner service.

Main Bar or Junior Club (Salty Dog)
*Club Casual. Denim (must be clean and without holes) may be worn in the Bar before 7:00pm. Denim is not permitted in any other area of the Clubhouse and Porch, with the exception of entering or exiting the Bar and restroom.

The above dress code does not apply to special events or regattas, where a more relaxed dress code may be appropriate. Please take note of the posted dress code at times of special events.

*Club Casual-Men are required to wear a collared shirt. Slacks and shorts can be worn as long as they are an appropriate length. Jackets and ties are not needed. Blue jeans are not appropriate.

**Sailing Tech Shirts-Athletic shirts made of synthetic material that may or may not have a collar.